Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My stint with Swine Flu

The closest I have been to swine flu (H1N1)...
On 17th Sep I had minor fever (100.7 to be precise)... visited doctor at Infosys medical center. She gave me a prescription for completing the viral course for five days. On Friday (18th) I went to office assuming I am all good... but after about 3-4 hours started feeling slight fever, so came back home after finishing 6 1/2 hours (the minimum hours required, else you lose your HARD EARNED leave).
Since then I continued the viral course religiously and finished it on 22nd morning. That was yesterday and I was all set to go to office tying my tie,  that is when I got a call from one of my awesome colleagues (BABA) , who told me not to come to office... though I conveyed that I was alright,  I was asked to rest at home. I thought okays no problemo lets rest and watched 3 movies, orkutted, facebooked, tweeted etc etc....
Today, I got ready and went to office and got to know that before getting entry in AFO (the secured area where we had 4-5 H1N1 cases {not too secure it seems lolz}) need to get a certificate of admission from the doctor stating that this guy is not a contaminated and can start working. So I went to medical center and found out that there was a separate doctor for AFO (the secured area we say). One doctor was not sufficient esp. when he was talking to swine flu prospects :P as if selling some scheme in there taking almost 15-20 minutes per person. Finally my turn came after 2 long hours. The doc asked me my history of flues, I forwarded the prescription I had been taking and said that I am alright doc. So he signed on that highly coveted certificate of medical wellness, & this was just when I got a cough, a minor cough to say. Seeing this He asked me to cough again, and awarded me with a cough syrup prescription for my great performance  Anyways finally I went to AFO with the just received roadies certificate. But in there it looked like these guys just didn't want me to work... that cough syrup prescription had all their attention and finally, even though I had the roadies certificate I was not allowed to be the one, and sent back to home for some more rest.
And now here I am resting at home, writing stuff...

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