Monday, May 16, 2011

Dharna, Aandolan and Traffic JAM

Yesterday there was Chakka JAM at 14 places by BJP against increment in Petrol Price, Today Chakka JAM at staggering 140 places by Congress against increment in TOLL TAX (MCD is under BJP). The point is if this is all we want you to do then why do we have discussion forums such as LokSabha, VidhanSabha, Paksh Vipaksh meetings??? Ironically these dharnas are causing problems to common people. Why don't these so called intellectuals understand that there my be urgencies such as ambulances stuck in JAM due to these idiotic acts. Why can't they have a place surrounded by cameras(so that they can still show people that they are fighting for us) where they can discuss issues like adults... #frustrating

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My experiment with "bhang" on holi


Indian IT's poster boy Infosys didn't (doesn't) declare holiday on Indian festival holi. Me and my friends were in no mood of going to office on the day of colors. So once it was decided that none of us is going to office; next step was to have a plan to celebrate... so thought of  having some drinks & the day being holi bhang was the obvious choice...


First of all we bought two packets of bhang for 100rs. each from a local panvadi (betel leaf shop). Though the wise man told us that one pack was sufficient for as many as 5 people, we were just over excited and bought two though we were only four guys.
Bhang is not supposed to be eaten raw or smoked.. it needs to be mixed with solvents such as thandai or milk. We bought 6 liters of thandai
Just when we thought the preparations were over, wisest of the friends suggested to have some sugar sweets so that bhang hits faster, bought 1 kg of sugar coated rasgullas...
Returned home with all the items ... and here comes another expert advice(it  really proved to be life saver)...after having bhang one feels like starving so need to order lots of food. Food should arrive by the time we start drinking so lots of food was ordered as well...

Once the chilled bhang ki thandai was ready everyone started having.  I was a bit excited since whenever I had it before it never hit me. Also I was one of those guys who have enough alcohol in their veins and strongly believed that the effects like “continuously laughing or crying” or “feeling in air ” or “feeling heaven” etc etc.. are just not possible. “I was wrong”.
So we were having glass after glass but it didn’t hit ... almost after 45-60 minutes one of the guys started feeling something and looking at him I thought of having one more glass along with sweet to get it done this time... and IT DID HIT...

Bhang effects:

So what happened exactly...
It started with laughing... lots of laughs ...until one of the friends started crying saying he needs to goto office tomorrow ... he was too worried that literally tears were dropping from his eyes...
I remember till then only about others after which I started feeling strange...

I felt as if I was continuously being put back and forth between two parallel universe(sounds hilarious now)... basically two parallel levels .. in the one there were friends around me in other one I was alone.. I was not able to differentiate between the real and the virtual, the conscious and sub conscious.. I was unable to exactly comprehend that if I am saying something is it that I am really saying to others or its just that I was thinking in my mind...
It Lead me to a situation where I was continuously explaining to my friends what is that I am feeling... only point was I kept repeating since I was not sure whether I was really saying or just thinking... whether friends were there and they were listening OR they were not there ... anyways ... I can recall the most hilarious thing I said to one of the friends was “please tie my hands and legs , otherwise I may jump over the balcony or do something else ”.. he didn’t tie me.. he slept ...

Effects In a nutshell:

  • Ability to distinguish between the thoughts and actual statements is affected a lot... this was the most common effect among us.
  • Continuously Laughing and crying
  • Makes you s...l...o...w... very slow...
  • Feels hungry very hungry...
  • Everything is temporary but its scary....
  • Very large quantity can lead to serious incidents.
  • If you will have a good amount of it e.g. 6 glasses(my case) of dense thandai-bhang. You will not be the one enjoying... others will be enjoying.. you will feel like just get over it ASAP.
  • Two of the friends felt like they were characters in some comics.
  • You can recall everything later about yourself.
  • Its won't feel like vomiting...

Lesson learnt:

  • Have small quantity if you must , may be just 1-2 glasses.
  • It takes time to hit you, almost 45-60 miutes.
  • If you will have a good amount of it e.g. 6 glasses(my case) of dense thandai-bhang. You will not be the one enjoying... others will be enjoying.. you will feel like just get over it ASAP.


Bhang:   A preparation from the leaves and flowers (buds) of the female cannabis plant, consumed in the Indian subcontinent. It is consumed as a beverage."  

Thandai: A cold beverage prepared with almonds, spices, milk and sugar

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not just a thought

Earlier I thought how great those people are who reached from rags to riches,those who had nothing ; but now looking back I feel its some times good to have nothing ... then you have nothing to loose.. no comfort zone to go away from. No second thought on what if it didn't work..Now I think people who already were in comfortable position and still took risk to do something new are the one really great...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

TV Soaps I'll watch anytime

How I met your mother
The Big bang theory
Different Strokes
Silver Spoons
Who's the boss
Dennis the menace

Movies I Love...

These Movies may not be the oscar winner but they made me love them...
Mind you here I am pretty good with choosing movies ...
This list will keep increasing...
Accepted 2006
Finding Nemo 2003
Kung fu Panda
Pirates of silicon valley
The girl next door
The Dark Knight
Devils advocate
The matrix trilogy ofcourse

My collection of Quotes

First, we gave 'zero' to the knowledge of the world.. since then we are adding it to the knowledge of the world...

Indian TV soaps VS American

Okay lets face it...
Quickly think of 5 hindi tv serials...

The names may depend on your age and gender such as I would have thought:
Roadies, Khatron ke khiladi, rock on, Splitsvila, Stunt Mania.
Someone older would have choosen:
Balika Vadhu, Bidaai, Kyunki Saas Bhi kabhi bahu thi types etc. (I don’t even know the names)

lets have a mix of these as follows:
Rakhi ka swaymvar
Khatron ke khiladi
Balika Vadhu
Indian IDOL

Now lets think of 5 English programs you watch:
Friends (All time favorite)
How I met your mother
The Big Bang Theory
Two and a half men
Moment of truth.

May differ as per individuals choice such as some may like Thats so raven, hannah montana etc.

Now lets compare these soaps (hindi and the english ones).
If we look at what we are producing and what those guys there are producing the results will be just too shameful.
In our basket we have soaps like Rakhi ka Swyamwar just ridiculous and cheap enough to make you think what the hell are we watching... a cheap play of marriage , mind here that marriage is supposed to be one of the most sacred bandhans of all in India.
Then we have something like Balika Vadhu OR typical saas bahu soaps where the bahus are always clad in tons of jewellery's and are shown as either the best women of all time or the worst (villain) with those arrow eyed makeup and three times Nahii nahii nahii etc.
Finally we have the typical MTV programs which try to show today’s India’s youth, the go getter, the aggressive, the I M D BEST attitude guys n gals, who are shown as fighting with each other with all those F*** words and planning against each other cunningly.
Now lets talk of some of those American programs; the so called culture spoilers and bad bad programs.
Lets take for example “How I met your mother”, here we have a guy Barny always ready to hit on gals , also taking his friends in it, then we have ”The big bang theory” were a gal lives by herself opposite to an apartment of geeks and she eventually has sex with one of them. Then we have “Two and a half men” here too the Uncle Charlie is a dude who makes out with new gals every time. Ohh so bad....
But is this the only thing shown in these series... no dear I won't agree, see them till they end , see the presentation...see how those geeks though deserted from the society are shown as best friends, see how it also includes an Indian who can't talk to gals but still is their best friend and hangs out with them. See how well it’s presented in how I met your mother, how Ted and Barny do it all to help Marshall come out of his financial crisis. How well they bond together. The Bro code from Barny.
The best part I say is the presentation , it’s just so real. No nahiii nahii nahii type scenes no planned controversies for cheap publicity.
These programs are just too classic.
The point I am trying to make here is though there may be some things which we as Indians may not like but overall if we see the way they are presented, the originality they bring in, the fresh treatment they give to each episode. More over they are daring to show their society (if it is so), not like Indian soaps which just show Ekta's dream society.
Also, it’s not that all American programs are as above for example I grew up watching: Small wonder, Different strokes, I dream of Gennie, Ghost buster etc etc (God I miss those days of excitement).
And then saw their hindi version or should I say Indian version: Karishma ka karishma YUCK... what was that... atleast copy it properly guys, if you can't bring in the novelty yourself then just don’t ruin the thing which is there already.
There was a time when we too had sensible programs, nukkad , Hum log, circus, raju ki udantashtri, I really miss those programs which even today look great.
I am writing this with just a hope that Indian TV soaps will improve their standard, and we will see the shows as good as “Different strokes”, “ How I met your mother”, “ Silver spoons” etc.

Again I say it’s about presentation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Google is GOD

This post is dedicated to my dream company GOOGLE.

If information is power... Google is the GOD.
Google has never disappointed me right from year 2002 when I used it for the first time, till day.
Google rocks.

Sometimes I wonder what would have been of software developers around the world , if google were not there.

Google Sidewiki a new interesting tool, how these guys get these ideas .... grt

My stint with Swine Flu

The closest I have been to swine flu (H1N1)...
On 17th Sep I had minor fever (100.7 to be precise)... visited doctor at Infosys medical center. She gave me a prescription for completing the viral course for five days. On Friday (18th) I went to office assuming I am all good... but after about 3-4 hours started feeling slight fever, so came back home after finishing 6 1/2 hours (the minimum hours required, else you lose your HARD EARNED leave).
Since then I continued the viral course religiously and finished it on 22nd morning. That was yesterday and I was all set to go to office tying my tie,  that is when I got a call from one of my awesome colleagues (BABA) , who told me not to come to office... though I conveyed that I was alright,  I was asked to rest at home. I thought okays no problemo lets rest and watched 3 movies, orkutted, facebooked, tweeted etc etc....
Today, I got ready and went to office and got to know that before getting entry in AFO (the secured area where we had 4-5 H1N1 cases {not too secure it seems lolz}) need to get a certificate of admission from the doctor stating that this guy is not a contaminated and can start working. So I went to medical center and found out that there was a separate doctor for AFO (the secured area we say). One doctor was not sufficient esp. when he was talking to swine flu prospects :P as if selling some scheme in there taking almost 15-20 minutes per person. Finally my turn came after 2 long hours. The doc asked me my history of flues, I forwarded the prescription I had been taking and said that I am alright doc. So he signed on that highly coveted certificate of medical wellness, & this was just when I got a cough, a minor cough to say. Seeing this He asked me to cough again, and awarded me with a cough syrup prescription for my great performance  Anyways finally I went to AFO with the just received roadies certificate. But in there it looked like these guys just didn't want me to work... that cough syrup prescription had all their attention and finally, even though I had the roadies certificate I was not allowed to be the one, and sent back to home for some more rest.
And now here I am resting at home, writing stuff...

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