Monday, May 16, 2011

Dharna, Aandolan and Traffic JAM

Yesterday there was Chakka JAM at 14 places by BJP against increment in Petrol Price, Today Chakka JAM at staggering 140 places by Congress against increment in TOLL TAX (MCD is under BJP). The point is if this is all we want you to do then why do we have discussion forums such as LokSabha, VidhanSabha, Paksh Vipaksh meetings??? Ironically these dharnas are causing problems to common people. Why don't these so called intellectuals understand that there my be urgencies such as ambulances stuck in JAM due to these idiotic acts. Why can't they have a place surrounded by cameras(so that they can still show people that they are fighting for us) where they can discuss issues like adults... #frustrating

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